The City Coffee

Address: 36A Nguyên Hồng - Đống Đa - Hà Nội
Capacity: ~70 person
Various spaces suitable with the demandes of users - Organizing birthdays, workshops, training ... - Podium stage, projectors are available - Capacity 20 - 70 people - Reasonable price


Detail price

4th floor: Separate royal space of 70 m2 (60 people)500.000 VNĐ/ hour
5th floor: Garden space of 60 m2, maximum capacity of 40 people250.000 VNĐ/ hour
3rd floor: Common space of 80 m2 (70 people)400.000 VNĐ/ hour
Garret: Common sitting space (30 people)250.000 VNĐ/ hour
The City Coffee