Goo Coworking Space

Địa chỉ: Tầng 4 - Sảnh B Tòa AZ SKY - ngõ 51 Trần Điền - KĐT mới Định Công - Hoàng Mai

Goo is all about creativity, inspiration and interactivity. We crave to create a professional space to work for individuals, to connect and share ideas among our young and passionate community. Co-founded by the ‘’three musketeers” in the of design & build field, Goo offers an aethestic and contemporary ambiance which is designed to generate practical and engaging environment

Tiện nghi không gian

High Speed Wi-Fi and Internet
Free tea

Giá chi tiết

Private office2.100.000 VND/month
Private office4 pax studio: 2.200.000 VND/pax/month
Private office3pax studio: 2.300.000 VND/pax/month
Goo Coworking Space