Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh is no longer a new concept for young people in big cities. With the advantages that this type of office brings, Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh promises to increasingly dominate the office for lease market in the coming time! Let’s have a look at the TOP 10 of the most beautiful design Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh right below!

1. Dreamplex – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh, District 1


Dreamplex appreciates ​​inspiration and cooperation. This is also reflected through the aesthetics of the workspace. The area here is very large, the design is quite creative and the air is airy and comfortable due to the high floor.


Dreamplex is proud of its customers’ base spanning many fields from technology, design to business, real estate, …

Address: Floor 9-10-11, 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan, District 1, City. HCM City

2. Designer Hub – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh City, District 3

As one of the best coworking space Ho Chi Minh city for creative people, Designer Hub is designed with the two main color tone green and yellow, making the space extremely wide and bright. Not only that, Designer Hub also installs a system of modern equipment to meet the standards of Green healthy office: Air purifier, Japanese standard seats and Safe Distance between individuals.

Of course, Designer Hub is also a specialized lab for designers when spending special space for: Design Department, Material Library, Model Design Studio and Specialized Book Library.


Designer Hub is not just a workplace, it is also a space for members to exchange knowledge and learn together. A dynamic environment stimulates young people to always integrate and renew.


Address: C Space Building, 12-13 N1 Street, South Trade Area, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, HCM City

3. Saigon Coworking – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh, Phu Nhuan District

Saigon Coworking includes 4 floors. In particular, the radical floor is the office of Saigon Coworking founders, the first and second floors are the offices for lease for customers.


And the meeting rooms, garden and relaxing coffee area are the areas on the 3rd floor. The price is also extremely reasonable, with 1 month of service only costs from 1 million VND for free chairs and 2 million VND for free chairs. 


Address: 101 Cu Lao Street, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

4. CirCO – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 and District 4

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, CirCO is a vibrant cultural community, mainly for young people who are aspiring and determined to start a business.


CirCO can satisfy all your working needs. An interesting point of Coworking Space in general and CirCO in particular is that it has created a dynamic, creative and natural environment for young people to freely express themselves.



– Floor 3, 9 Nguyen Trai, District 1

– Floor 1, 384 Hoang Dieu, District 4

5. Meander SaiGon – A perfect space in the heart of District 1

Meander SaiGon is a not too strange name when it comes to Taiwan’s hotel chain. Meander is one of the few coworking space Ho Chi Minh pioneers in combining hotel and coworking.


This coworking is located near the Saigon River, which combines an artistic living and working space in the heart of Saigon. Meander’s design really impresses with modern golden light, fancy cut out walls and entertainment slide right in front of the building.


Meander is the answer to the balance between affordable price with clean and modern design, a sociable atmosphere and competitive location.


Address: 3b Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Publik Office – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh City, District 3

Coworking Space is where you work with like-minded people. Your inspiration becomes a source of inspiration for those around you and creates a special energy for members of that community. These are definitely great places that you cannot miss. 


Publik Office includes 5 floors with many areas with different uses. This is a renovation project from an old building built in the 1990s, and it has been enhanced with a different design overhaul from its original appearance. 


The ground floor is a workspace with a cafe shop. The first floor is a desk-style workplace with an open space fitted with impressive tubular lights. The second floor is a workspace with mobile dividing partitions areas. The third floor is a working space that can be moved flexibly. Here, users can move the desk freely. It is integrated with the outdoor terrace as well as a conference room. Users can find themselves a private space to focus and comfortably work on.


The building is carefully designed to curb the over-décor and use local Vietnamese materials such as different colored lacquer tiles, wood, cement, etc., to make a difference in each floor.

Address: 38A Nguyen Thi Dieu, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

7. UP Coworking Space – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh, District 10

Coworking Space is a new wave in Vietnam, known to many people in recent years. This coworking space gives the experience a whole new way of working. 

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s booming technology, this is definitely a favorable location for start-ups to take advantage of their advantages and resources to develop businesses effectively.


Born in March 2016, Up Coworking Space is gradually asserting its position by creative and professional design space. In addition, UP Coworking Space also provides event organization services, from renting an event space to turning an idea into reality, UP Coworking Space’s dedicated and experienced event team will help bring the event Your event to a new level.

Facilities such as cafe, wife, kitchen are also developed and provided free of charge by UP Coworking Space, in order to provide customers with the most comfortable and comfortable space.


Address: 268 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 10

8. Spiced – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh, District 2

Formerly the first campus – coworking space Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, the design team of Coworking space & Hangout later developed into an inspirational “Work & Live” space. Coworking helps them maintain productivity and business growth while creating meaningful relationships.

co-working-space-hcm-15-spiced (1)

The space of Coworking space & Hangout is designed to suit the needs of the community with many common spaces. You are free to choose for yourself a working environment, between the open attic or cowisting cafe & pub, the poolside terrace or the lush garden.

co-working-space-hcm-13-spiced (1)

Address: 15/1, Street 10, Ward An, District 2

9. Toong – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh City

Toong is one of the developers of the Coworking space – the first co-working space in Asia. Toong provides full and flexible office solutions, suitable for both independent individuals and businesses of all sizes, from 1-30 employees.

The space at Toong Coworking Space is not only beautiful but also very modern and customized. Each Toong Coworking Space has its own unique and interesting style:

Toong 20 Minh Khai: Like an oasis hidden in the bustling Saigon, large space, many trees bring a sense of relaxation and help sublimate ideas.


Toong 126 Minh Khai: From an old printing factory, Toong’s design team has developed into a co-working space with a contemporary breath with many trees and skylines making you feel lost in a tropical garden

Toong Oxygen: Inspired by the 200-year-old windows of Thu Thiem Catholic Church and a work of art by a group of young artists, Toong Oxygen leads you to another unique and fancy dimension of Saigon


Toog Ham Nghi: Bring a simple, cool and comfortable style to users who love the gentle, rustic style


Toong Vista Verde: Integration with the commercial center, The workspace is a combination of modern and youthful style with green nature.


Toong Coworking Space provides a full range of facilities such as Wifi, pantry, meeting room, business room to amenities such as library, nap room, bathroom, showroom, indoor garden, etc. In addition, the gaming room is also developed to meet the needs of relaxation and entertainment after hours of working.

10. Neighborhub coworking space – Coworking Space Ho Chi Minh

Neighborhub coworking space is located on the second floor of an old building in the heart of Saigon. The office here offers an open space full of green and light colors, helping you maximize in bright projects. 


As a member of Neighborhub, you will have the opportunity to participate in events hosted by Neighborhub. Every week, Neighborhub will have an “appointment” where Neighborhub residents can have lunch together and share their concerns and work, making the Neighborhub community more engaged and united.

co-working-space-hcm-23-neighbor (1)

The above are suggestions for some co-working spaces which have the best design in Ho Chi Minh. We hope these suggestions will help you to choose the suitable workplace.